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Although MICRORECTIF used to use many conventional means of control, the company rapidly turned to more reliable precision and generally state-of-the-art equipment."The Prismo brings a high level of reliability and repeatability to inspections, just like our grinding machines"We can also carry out subcontracted inspection and control work in our metrology lab.
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Metrology laboratory

1 ZEISS PRISMO coordinate measuring machine with Vast Gold probe head. Measuring capacity: X300 – Y1200 – Z700 Accuracy: 0.9 µm + L/350mm
1 ZEISS TSK RONDCOM 54 SD measuring instrument for roundness, cylindricity, runout Measuring capacity Ø300 – Z500 Accuracy: 0.02 µm + 4H/10000µm

1 ZEISS TSK SURFCOM 5000 linear profile and surface roughness contact measuring instrument Measuring length: 200mm x Z500mm Accuracy: ±0.4 µm /200mm

1 TRIMOS TR-SCAN contactless surface measuring instrument

1 TRIMOS LABCONCEPT-NANO 2-point horizontal measuring instrument Measuring capacity: 600 mm
Accuracy: 0.07 µm + L(mm)/2000

3 ZEISS DURAMAX coordinate measuring machines Measuring capacity X500 – Y500 – Z500 Accuracy: 2.4 µm + L/300mm

Characteristics :

Temperature stability: 20°C ± 0,3°CHumidity range: 50% ±10%Coordinate measuringContactless roughnessProfile control - roundnessNanometre measuring instrument


If you are looking for a subcontractor of control in our metrology laboratory, CONTACT US

    • The first ZEISS XENOS CCM sold in France to be inaugurated at Microrectif
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      The first ZEISS XENOS CCM sold in France to be inaugurated at Microrectif

      The ZEISS XENOS coordinate measuring machine lends itself to applications in all fields where extreme precision is demanded, whether it be measuring labs, aerospace or the optical industry. The high-end machine combines precision at the limits of what is technically feasible with a measuring range of about one cubic metre.

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    • See our presentation video
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      See our presentation video

      We've made this presentation video to give you an overview of our high precision machiningand grinding services.

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