Mise en place d’un nouvel ERP chez MICRORECTIF

Au regard du développement de la société, la nécessité de mettre en place un nouvel ERP s«avère être une étape incontournable.

Enterprise resource planning

To be able to meet the requirements of the standards applied by our customers, amongst other things in terms of traceability of parts made, MICRORECTIF therefore decided it was time for a new ERP. It has opted for the CLIPPER ERP solution from the company CLIP Industrie.

With customer satisfaction a constant concern, this new way of working will help us to maintain good relations with our customers by helping to optimise the running of the business. CLIPPER will therefore be supporting the company’s staff every day, facilitatingthe organisation of the different stages of production, tracking performance and supporting decision-making.

For MICRORECTIF, CLIPPER means better:
– Production management
– Sales administration
– Financial management
– Maintenance
– Quality
– Communication and publications